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Cosmetic Dentist in Austin TX

Jollyville Dental Professionals can meet your needs from routine cleanings to periodontal disease treatments; from simple restorative procedures to complex cosmetic dental cases. We are a “MERCURY FREE” practice that strives to be aware of the latest dental and medical breakthroughs. Take a moment to browse a few of our available services.



The ideal way to revolutionize your smile without the hassle of traditional braces, Invisalign is virtually effortless.

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Composite Resin Direct Bonding

The ideal way to correct small problems with your smile, minor decay, discoloration, or chips can be corrected with the help of..

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Conservative ceramic inlay/onlay restoration

In order to repair the damage to your teeth, Dr. Roach can use an inlay or an onlay rather than a more dramatic procedure like a crown.

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Laser Gingival Sculpting

Your gums truly frame your smile, and if your gums don’t look right in the mirror each day, this procedure might be right for you. With the help of our soft tissue laser, we’ll shape your gum line to help create the ideal smile.

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Teeth Whitening

Unattractive teeth are one of the top reasons for a poor smile, but new tooth whitening procedures can help make certain you’re confident every time you smile.

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Preventative Dental Care

Brushing and flossing are probably already part of your oral health routine

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Ceramic Veneers

Ready to improve your appearance? Ceramic veneers may be the perfect solution for your smile.

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Care Credit

Sometimes the only thing preventing good oral health care is the cost involved.

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