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Oral Surgery in Austin, Tx

oral surgery

If you are looking for an Austin oral surgeon, you don’t need to look any further than Jollyville Dental!We offer a full spectrum of oral surgery services.

While it’s true that many dental practices offer similar services to their patients, not all dental practices offer the services provided by qualified oral surgeons. At Jollyville Dental, we are pleased to welcome Dr. R. Michael Patton, a trained and qualified oral surgeon, to our staff. This means that we are now able to offer our patients a variety of oral surgery procedures that you won’t find at just any dental practice. If you are looking for an Austin oral surgeon, you don’t need to look any further than Jollyville Dental!

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Types of Procedures Performed by Oral Surgeons

Some conditions require much more than a crown or filling, for example. Oral surgeons can perform a wide variety of surgical procedures designed to correct a myriad of problems with the mouth, jaw, face or neck. Whether you suffer problems as a result of an accident or disease, Austin oral surgeons can perform the procedures necessary to restore you to good health and allow you to feel positive about your appearance. Some of the procedures offered by Austin oral surgeons are reconstructive, while others are cosmetic. Dr. Patton can provide more information regarding the specific services he provides. What follows is a list of commonly performed procedures done by oral surgeons:

  • Administering anesthesia to patients prior to procedures
  • Extraction of impacted teeth
  • Dental implants surgery
  • Tumor removal
  • Jaw surgery
  • Reconstructive facial surgery
  • TMJ surgery (to relieve jaw pain)
  • Cosmetic surgery of the jaw, face and neck

What to Expect

The first step involves scheduling an appointment with Dr. Patton. If you suspect that you or a family member may require the services of an oral surgeon, Dr. Patton can diagnose your condition and recommend the appropriate treatment.

Oral surgeons are trained and qualified to perform not only routine dental procedures, but oral surgery as well. Most dental practices will have to send you to another practice if you require oral surgery. But that’s not true at Jollyville Dental. Thanks to Dr. Patton, all of your oral surgery needs can be met right here at our Austin, TX office.