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Conservative ceramic inlay/onlay restoration


In order to repair the damage to your teeth, Dr. Roach can use a tooth colored inlay or onlay rather than a more dramatic procedure like a crown.

pic_ceramic_restorationCeramic inlays and onlays are custom fabricated in our dental laboratory, and they’re more extensive than our tooth colored fillings. However, this type of restoration saves more tooth structure than a typical crown restoration. Dr Roach can determine if this type of aesthetic treatment will best fit your needs. When you need the highest quality work done with a gentle touch, trust your smile to Dr Roach and the Jollyville Dental Professionals!

Ceramic inlays are quietly taking over the world of tooth restoration simply because they can appear seamless in the mouth, unlike a bright silver filling that the whole world can see. Not only do ceramic inlays and onlays look better, many people say they feel more natural in the mouth as well. When done with care and upmost professionalism as they are at Jollyville Dental, ceramic inlays and onlays can last longer than traditional fillings so you can spend more time living your life and less time in a dentist’s chair.

Getting an inlay is a straightforward process. During your first visit, the original filling or the decayed part of the tooth will be removed, an impression of the tooth will be taken and the color of your teeth will be recorded so the inlay will blend in. A temporary filling will then be placed until your inlay is completed at our laboratory. Bonding the onlay is simple at the second appointment, and you will be smiling again before you know it. With the unsurpassed professionalism and commitment to quality offered by Dr. Roach and the Jollyville Dental Professionals, you’ll surely be a customer for life.