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We’re proud to offer and recommend PerioScience products to our patients at Jollyville Dental! PerioScience is the latest in research-based dental care products that contain plant derived antioxidant ingredients which enhance your body’s natural defense system to maintain oral health.

What makes these products superior? The natural antioxidant ingredients were clinically researched and tested by a team dental and medical professionals to complement and boost the natural antioxidants and anti-bacteria already present in our saliva. PerioScience is the first of its kind to harness the power of antioxidants in oral hygiene.

PerioScience oral care system helps patients with bad breath, maintains the condition of teeth, treats tooth sensitivity, improves the health and appearance of gums, and boosts teeth whitening. From toothpaste to complete oral care kits, PerioScience provides patients with a powerful and natural alternative to oral hygiene products which are safe, soothing, and a pleasure to use.

Contact us at Jollyville Dental to learn how you can improve your dental health with PerioScience